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The Benefits of Putting an Addition on to your Home

Adding on is a great way to expand your home and add value, but it’s not always an easy decision. Adding onto your home can give you the extra space you need to make your life more easier and enjoyable!

More space

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits you can expect to experience when you add space to your home.

The most obvious benefit is that adding a room, or even just a small addition, will give you more living space. If you’ve got an existing home with no additions, it might feel cramped in some areas and as if it doesn’t have enough room for all your stuff. Adding another bedroom or even just finishing the basement could make all the difference in giving your family more breathing room and making them happier with their home.

addition on home

Better functionality

Here are just a few examples of how you can use the extra space an addition provides:

  • By adding an extra story to your house, you’ll be able to add a laundry room or home office.
  • If you have kids who need their own space, why not turn the attic into a playroom?
  • Perhaps you want to create your dream master suite. If this is the case, consider adding an addition to your room so that the possibilities are endless of what you can create in this space.
  • Is there no place in your house where guests can hang their coats and bags? An addition could provide ample space for a mudroom or guest room where visitors can leave their belongings safely before entering into other parts of the house.
  • Adding on also gives you the opportunity to add other amenities like an outdoor kitchen or swimming pool if desired. 
    • This allows for more flexibility in planning parties and cookouts with friends and family members who live far away from one another but still want to see each other often without having to travel too far away from their regular lives at home!
  • Is everyone fighting over bathroom time in the morning? Adding another bathroom would also be a great use of an addition. 
addition on home

Better organization

A major benefit of adding on to your home is that it allows for better organization, more storage, and better use of space. You may want to expand the square footage of your living space, or create a space.The extra square footage will allow you to organize your belongings in a way that makes sense for the way you live. You can create separate rooms for different activities, such as a playroom, office, or guest room.

Save time, effort, and money instead of moving

Moving is expensive, time-consuming, stressful and a hassle for the whole family. If you’re moving into a new home and have children in elementary school or younger, it’s likely that they will have to change schools as well. Uplifting your whole life and family like that is less than appeasing.

With an addition built onto your house, however, you can stay put and avoid all of these hassles. You won’t need to worry about finding a new place to live or changing schools (unless you want to). Your children won’t have to adjust their schedules dramatically either—especially if they already know their way around the neighborhood!

Improve your home’s value

If you’re a homeowner, you know that one of the best ways to increase the value of your home is by adding an addition. An addition can increase the size of your home, making it more functional and allowing for additional living space. It can also improve the functionality of your current living space by adding rooms that are needed or desired—such as an office, playroom, or guest room—and creating more privacy from the outside world. More square footage can bring more money in your pocket

The benefits of adding on are considerable.

Here are some of the main benefits you can expect to get from adding on:

  • More space. Adding on provides you with additional square footage, which is always good for your family and household. Not only does it mean more storage, but also more room for entertaining guests and making memories. Plus, when you add a new room or two onto your home, there will be fewer arguments over who gets what space in the house!
  • Better functionality. If you’re looking to increase the functionality of your kitchen or dining room—or just want an extra bedroom—an addition will do just that! You’ll be able to optimize these spaces so they’re exactly how you want them by adding things like windows and doors (and even enclosed porches), as well as appliances such as microwaves or dishwashers if needed.
  • Improved organization​/​storage space​/​cleaning efficiency​/​etc… This one goes hand-in-hand with better functionality because having enough storage space in general makes everything much easier for everyone involved! Whether that means being able to store toys away from beds at nighttime or simply providing enough countertop space so nobody has any excuse not to clean up after themselves…


Thinking about adding on to your home? Contact Refine Construction! Adding on to your home is an excellent way to increase the value of your home and make it more functional. It also provides you with more space that can be used for any number of reasons, whether it be adding a second bathroom or expanding your master bedroom. Adding on can save money in many ways, including when it comes time for moving or renovating.

5 Reasons Why you Should Build your Home

Building a home can be a fun and rewarding experience. It is important to make sure you are ready for the undertaking but once you are, you have the chance to create your dream space. There are many reasons why building a home from scratch is better than buying an existing home.

1. You can add your personal touch. Your new home will be built to suit your lifestyle, and you’ll be able to personalize it however you like. You’ll have the freedom to choose everything from the floor plan to the paint color for each room.

2. You can design a floor plan to suit your lifestyle. If there’s something that doesn’t quite work for your family, or if there’s an area of the house that could be better utilized than it currently is—you have the ability to make those changes! You don’t have to settle for what someone else thought was best—you can make it work for your family!

3. You will know that you are getting quality materials and workmanship. When you build a home yourself, you know exactly what went into making it—and since you chose all of those materials yourself, they’ll be exactly what suits YOUR needs most effectively!

4. It’s cheaper than buying a home that’s already been built and renovated by others— —and this goes double if you’re renovating an older home as opposed to building from scratch!

5.) It is low maintenance compared to older homes. Older homes sometimes require upkeep ad upgrades that can be costly in the long run!

You can add your personal touch

You can choose your own colors and finishes.

You can add your own personal touches.

You can add your own furniture, art and lighting.

You can add plants and rugs to create a warm, inviting atmosphere in your home that is uniquely yours!

Building your own home gives you the opportunity to design a house that reflects who you are as a family. This is usually done through the choice of materials and features, which most often reflect your personality, lifestyle and budget. It’s also important to ensure that these choices fit with where you live, as this can affect how much light or shade there will be in different parts of the day or year.

You can design a floor plan to suit your lifestyle

As you are designing your floor plan, it is important that you consider the needs of your family and your lifestyle. By doing this, you will be able to decide how many bedrooms are needed, where they should be placed in relation to each other, and whether or not a bathroom is needed on every level.

It is also important to consider the type of home plans that suit your needs before selecting one for your home building project. For example, if there are any specific features such as a gourmet kitchen or an open floor plan that are required by either yourself or someone else in the family then these should be incorporated into the design from day one rather than having them added later on after everything has already been built.

The same goes for budget constraints too! If there isn’t enough money left over after initially paying for things like land then don’t spend more than what was originally budgeted which usually means sticking with smaller houses rather than bigger ones even though sometimes people might want something larger because they think it would look better aesthetically speaking but remember: appearances aren’t everything because there’s always another side too – cost effectiveness!

You will know that you are getting quality materials and workmanship

If you build your own home, you will be able to choose the materials and workmanship that go into it. You can be sure that the materials are of the highest quality, because they have been thoroughly tested and chosen by builders who know what they’re doing. You also know that when work begins on your new home, it will be done by highly skilled craftsmen who are well versed in building houses. These men and women take pride in their work, which means they will take care with every detail of the construction project so that your dream home is built to last for many years to come.

It’s cheaper than buying a home that’s already been built and renovated by others

Older homes have been around for decades, which means they’ve been exposed to rain and snow, sun and wind—all of which can cause damage over time if they aren’t properly maintained by their owners (or if owners don’t take care of them). 

It’s cheaper to build than trying renovate an old house. Older houses are not energy efficient, so renovating them can be costly, especially when it comes to insulation, heating and cooling systems, and windows.

The cost of materials for building a home will depend on where you live, but in general it’s cheaper than buying a house that’s already been built. For example, in Los Angeles, it takes about $300 per square foot for construction materials alone.

A new build is low maintenance compared to older homes

You will not have to worry about leaks in the roof or windows. You will not have to worry about the roof rotting. You will not have to worry about the paint peeling. You will not have to worry about plumbing and electrical wiring issues.

You can use materials that are brand new that will last a long time instead of having to replace old elements in an an older house.

Even though it may cost more up front than buying an existing property with no work needed on it, it will most likely require some renovations later on. Building a home from scratch will save money in maintenance costs over time since everything is new.


When you build a home, you’re getting exactly what you want. Building a home is also better for the environment because it uses natural resources that are easier to recycle and reuse. Every homeowner has their own unique tastes and preferences when it comes to the look and feel of their home. With Refine Construction, you can have a custom-built house that reflects who you are as an individual.