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The Benefits of Putting an Addition on to your Home

Adding on is a great way to expand your home and add value, but it’s not always an easy decision. Adding onto your home can give you the extra space you need to make your life more easier and enjoyable!

More space

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits you can expect to experience when you add space to your home.

The most obvious benefit is that adding a room, or even just a small addition, will give you more living space. If you’ve got an existing home with no additions, it might feel cramped in some areas and as if it doesn’t have enough room for all your stuff. Adding another bedroom or even just finishing the basement could make all the difference in giving your family more breathing room and making them happier with their home.

addition on home

Better functionality

Here are just a few examples of how you can use the extra space an addition provides:

  • By adding an extra story to your house, you’ll be able to add a laundry room or home office.
  • If you have kids who need their own space, why not turn the attic into a playroom?
  • Perhaps you want to create your dream master suite. If this is the case, consider adding an addition to your room so that the possibilities are endless of what you can create in this space.
  • Is there no place in your house where guests can hang their coats and bags? An addition could provide ample space for a mudroom or guest room where visitors can leave their belongings safely before entering into other parts of the house.
  • Adding on also gives you the opportunity to add other amenities like an outdoor kitchen or swimming pool if desired. 
    • This allows for more flexibility in planning parties and cookouts with friends and family members who live far away from one another but still want to see each other often without having to travel too far away from their regular lives at home!
  • Is everyone fighting over bathroom time in the morning? Adding another bathroom would also be a great use of an addition. 
addition on home

Better organization

A major benefit of adding on to your home is that it allows for better organization, more storage, and better use of space. You may want to expand the square footage of your living space, or create a space.The extra square footage will allow you to organize your belongings in a way that makes sense for the way you live. You can create separate rooms for different activities, such as a playroom, office, or guest room.

Save time, effort, and money instead of moving

Moving is expensive, time-consuming, stressful and a hassle for the whole family. If you’re moving into a new home and have children in elementary school or younger, it’s likely that they will have to change schools as well. Uplifting your whole life and family like that is less than appeasing.

With an addition built onto your house, however, you can stay put and avoid all of these hassles. You won’t need to worry about finding a new place to live or changing schools (unless you want to). Your children won’t have to adjust their schedules dramatically either—especially if they already know their way around the neighborhood!

Improve your home’s value

If you’re a homeowner, you know that one of the best ways to increase the value of your home is by adding an addition. An addition can increase the size of your home, making it more functional and allowing for additional living space. It can also improve the functionality of your current living space by adding rooms that are needed or desired—such as an office, playroom, or guest room—and creating more privacy from the outside world. More square footage can bring more money in your pocket

The benefits of adding on are considerable.

Here are some of the main benefits you can expect to get from adding on:

  • More space. Adding on provides you with additional square footage, which is always good for your family and household. Not only does it mean more storage, but also more room for entertaining guests and making memories. Plus, when you add a new room or two onto your home, there will be fewer arguments over who gets what space in the house!
  • Better functionality. If you’re looking to increase the functionality of your kitchen or dining room—or just want an extra bedroom—an addition will do just that! You’ll be able to optimize these spaces so they’re exactly how you want them by adding things like windows and doors (and even enclosed porches), as well as appliances such as microwaves or dishwashers if needed.
  • Improved organization​/​storage space​/​cleaning efficiency​/​etc… This one goes hand-in-hand with better functionality because having enough storage space in general makes everything much easier for everyone involved! Whether that means being able to store toys away from beds at nighttime or simply providing enough countertop space so nobody has any excuse not to clean up after themselves…


Thinking about adding on to your home? Contact Refine Construction! Adding on to your home is an excellent way to increase the value of your home and make it more functional. It also provides you with more space that can be used for any number of reasons, whether it be adding a second bathroom or expanding your master bedroom. Adding on can save money in many ways, including when it comes time for moving or renovating.

Upgrade the Exterior Design of your Home

Our homes are places that naturally matter very much to us, and have the power to dramatically influence how we feel and experience life on an everyday basis.
When you think of the basic fact that the average person spends an enormous chunk of their lives within the four walls of their own home — after work, while sleeping, and on lazy weekends to name just a few occasions — it should be pretty clear that taking good care of your home is something that you are likely to benefit from dramatically.
That being said, while a huge amount of intention often gets paid to interior design and the overall functionality of your home — such as the quality of its insulation and its ability to retain heat during cold winter months — the exterior design features of the home may, from time to time, end up being neglected.
Ultimately, though, the exterior design of your home can be a very significant feature of the property as a whole.
If you are looking to sell your home at any point, its exterior design will directly and dramatically influence its curb appeal. No matter how well-equipped, well-insulated, and aesthetically pleasing the interior of the home is, it’s not likely to be very appealing to potential buyers if the facade is falling apart or is completely garish.
It’s also important to consider the fact that homes built in different eras have different strengths and weaknesses, with some naturally having a higher degree of innate “character” in most people’s eyes. Historic homes, in particular, are very often felt to be steeped in character, whereas mass-produced post-war homes can end up feeling a good deal too “cookie cutter.”
Working on the exterior design of your home can help it to overcome the limitations that may go hand-in-hand with the era of its construction, and can ensure that it achieves its full potential.
On a purely individual note for yourself, as the homeowner, you also shouldn’t underestimate just how much the facade of your home can influence its overall “vibe” with regards to how it makes you feel, day by day.
Driving up to the beautiful front of your home after a long day is bound to lift the spirit more than driving up to a dilapidated and unappealing exterior under the same circumstances.
Fortunately, there are a lot of things you can do to enhance and upgrade the exterior design of your home if it’s currently lacking.
Here are some steps you can take.

Change the exterior finish of your home

The material used for the exterior finish of your home can have a dramatic impact on how the home looks and feels — and a poor or out-of-fashion choice of exterior finish is often one of the things that most dates a home and detracts from its aesthetic appeal.
Homes are often “anchored” to their period of their construction via the kind of exterior finish they have. Homes that were built in certain areas in the ’70’s and 80’s, for example, are likely to include exterior finishes such as stone cladding, mismatched brick, or pebbledash, that may be perfect for some homeowners but unappealing to others.
Fortunately, changing the exterior finish of your home tends to be one of the easiest overall steps that you can take in order to upgrade your home’s exterior design.
In many cases, you won’t even need to remove the existing finish material, but can simply have it covered up with something else.
In cases where your home’s exterior is finished in an array of different materials that have the effect of seeming jarring when put together, you might simply be able to paint over everything in a neutral shade to create a more unified look.
Different exterior finishes have different pros and cons, and some are bound to appeal more to different aesthetic preferences than others.
Here are some of the more popular different exterior finish types for you to consider:

Timber boarding

Timber boarding is very well suited to certain contemporary design styles and templates, in addition to a few period homes. Generally, having the exterior of your home finished in timber boarding will help to make it look a lot more modern and trendy in a hurry.
Feather-edged timber boarding has overlapping edges, while shiplap timber boarding has straight interlocking “tongue and groove” edges. Timber boarding made of softwoods like pine will be the cheapest option, whereas hardwoods like oak will be more expensive but also more resistant.
All timber boarding should be properly fire-proofed


Having the exterior of your home finished in metal tends to lead to a very distinct look that can easily veer towards “overly industrial,” but can also be stylishly executed.
Metal finishing will be expensive up front, but will last very well and require very little maintenance.

Textured masonry paint

Textured masonry paint is cheap and can rapidly and easily cover up an unappealing exterior. Textured finishes, specifically, can help to create a greater sense of uniformity when painting over disparate materials, and can help to hide slight cosmetic issues like minor cracks.

Stone tiles

Having the exterior of your home finished in stone tiles is a much more affordable alternative than building from solid stone, while at the same time working very well to capture a traditional aesthetic.

Alter the exterior proportions of your home

As far as home redesign work goes, this is on the more ambitious and comprehensive end of the scale — but it also has the potential to make some of the biggest overall impact.
Many homes don’t live up to their potential in terms of exterior design, due to imbalanced exterior proportions — maybe as a result of strange initial design decisions, and maybe as a result of incremental work that was done along the way, such as a shoddy extension.
Modifying the exterior proportions of your home will generally involve making your home as a whole, or sections of your home, taller or wider. Fortunately, this doesn’t necessarily need a total overhaul as may initially seem to be the case.
Sometimes, adjusting the exterior proportions of your home to make them more visually pleasing can involve things like replacing a flat roof with a sloping tile roof, or having a garage extended out to the sides.
Whatever the case may be, changing the exterior dimensions of your home in this way can have a very powerful effect on the aesthetic features of your home as a whole, as symmetry and balance are fundamental features of good and compelling design.
Of course, it’s important to properly match any extensions you may add to your home to the existing design features. Don’t suddenly switch up the style of brick tiling you are using.

Replace your windows

The windows of your home are a very powerful visual feature of the property. Changing them has the potential to totally overhaul the feel of your home, both from the inside and the outside.
By replacing your windows and potentially enlarging them you can let in significantly more light, transform the look of your home to something much more modern, and can cause your home to fit in or stand out more — depending on what you are after.
The fittings that go along with your windows, such as windowsills and shutters, can also rapidly and effectively help to consolidate a particular aesthetic motif.
Of course, changing your windows can also have practical implications, too. If you’re got a drafty home, or get frustrated by the sound of passing traffic even with all of your windows closed, having your windows upgraded and refitted may do a lot to help.
As a general rule of thumb, properties with more and larger windows — and therefore better illumination — are more appealing to prospective buyers, and also more pleasant to live in.

Give the driveway a makeover

Homes with off-road parking are naturally more appealing than those without, not only for the convenience and security factor, but also potentially for the associated insurance benefits.
Even if your home has a driveway, though, it might nonetheless be the case that it’s not the most visually appealing driveway — or that, in any case, it could look a lot better.
And if your home doesn’t have a driveway but has enough front yard space to install a driveway, this is definitely something to seriously consider.
A newly surfaced tarmac driveway gives a home a current and well-maintained look and feel automatically, whereas an old and cracked concrete driveway will have the effect of making any home seem more neglected.
In addition to resurfacing your driveway, there are certain design features you could implement that could add an extra dash of style. You could, for example, install ground-level lights along the sides of your driveway, or even certain plant arrangements.
Of course, your driveway should feature good drainage, and features such as a good anti-weed membrane.

The Three Best Home Renovation Projects to Take on During the Winter and Why

During the winter months, it can be tempting to spend your days curled up on the sofa, tucked under a blanket, watching your favorite TV programs. However, the winter can actually be the perfect time for you to get on with some of your most pressing home renovation projects. 

With that in mind, in this blog post, we are going to take a look at some of the best home renovation projects to do during the winter. So, let’s take a look…

  1. Freshen up your bathroom and upgrade your plumbing fixtures

You do not need to break the bank in order to renovate your bathroom. Most bathrooms are small in size, so making small changes can actually make a big overall difference. 

Why should you upgrade your bathroom?

Before we take a look at some of the different ideas and suggestions for your home, let’s take a look at some of the key benefits associated with upgrading your bathroom:

  • Create a more eco-friendly space – We all need to do our bit for the planet. Not only can we create a more eco-friendly home but we can reduce our utility bills in the process. Therefore, upgrading your bathroom makes a lot of sense from an eco-perspective. From saving water to using LED light bulbs, there are a number of different ways that you can go about this. 
  • Turn your bathroom into a luxurious, peaceful oasis – Bathrooms are often viewed as practical spaces. People get dressed, brush their teeth, and go to the toilet. However, why not think of your bathroom as more of a spa-type environment? Look for ways to create a space that is opulent, relaxing, and luxurious. When you do this, it means you have the perfect place in your home to relax and unwind after a challenging day at work. You can take a long soak in the bath, ease your muscles, and truly enjoy the time you spend in the bathroom, rather than only viewing it as a practical environment. 
  • Save money in the future – Aside from the benefits that we have discussed so far, another reason why bathroom renovations are so appealing is that they give you the ability to save a considerable amount of money. There are a number of ways you can dot his. Firstly, by embracing more eco-friendly approaches, you can save the amount of money that you spend on electricity and water every month. Not only this, but bathroom upgrades and improvements tend to have a significant impact on the value of your property. 
  • Enhance your property’s value – Expanding on the list point in further detail, according to research, you can expect a 102% return at resale after a minor bathroom remodel. Therefore, this is one of the best renovation projects to undertake if you are looking to increase the value of your home. 

Being mindful of mold and mildew during the winter

Throughout the cold winter months, you have the perfect recipe for mildew and mold buildup due to the combination of closed-off windows and hot steamy showers. So, it makes sense to start off with a deep clean in the bathroom, and then you should re-grout around the tile. 

You don’t have to spend a lot to upgrade your bathroom

Inexpensive, small updates include painting an accent wall or replacing hardware, such as the sink faucet. You may want to install LED light strips around a mirror or inside of cabinet doors to improve lighting. You can easily improve bathroom storage by adding pull-out drawers inside cabinets or installing new shelving. 

Finally, the effectiveness of simply changing out shower curtains or towels to create an updated look should not be underestimated. 

Upgrading old plumbing fixtures during the winter 

You can also update your old plumbing fixtures throughout the winter period. This brings the benefit of enhancing the functionality of your home while giving immediate visual appeal. Winter is an excellent time to do this, so long as the temperatures have not gone too far below freezing. 

New plumbing fixtures are going to utilize water more efficiently in comparison to older fixtures, so not only will you get the aesthetic enhancement but this project is going to lower your impact on the environment and save you some money in the process. 

Another bonus of doing this during the winter months is that this season tends to be pretty slow for plumbers, and so you should not run into too much trouble when it comes to booking professionals on the dates that you want to get the job done. 

  1. Replace doors and windows 

Another home improvement project that can help boost the curb appeal, efficiency, and resale value of your property is door and window replacement. This is a big project that can get complicated easily, so it always makes sense to work with reputable and experienced door and window replacement businesses. 

Reasons why you should replace your windows and doors

There are a number of different reasons why this is a renovation project that you should consider for your home over the coming winter months, including the following:

  • Noise reduction – The first benefit that you can expect to reap by having new windows and doors installed is noise reduction. Whether you live on a busy street or you’re close to a local train station, excess noise can be frustrating and can prevent you from leading a peaceful and restful life. Luckily, you can opt to have high-performance windows installed that will reduce the amount of noise that gets into your home. 
  • Improve the energy efficiency of your home – One of the main reasons why people get new windows and doors installed is so they can enhance the energy efficiency of their property. By choosing modern windows and doors, you can ensure that your home stays warm during the winter months, as less energy will escape from these points within your home. Of course, there are many different factors that will impact how efficient windows are, so you need to work with an experienced and reputable company. Factors such as the type of glass used, the frame materials, and the gaps between the glass can all have an impact.
  • Enjoy more home comfort – The first two points that we have mentioned come together to create a home that is much more comfortable for you and your family. After all, your home should provide an environment whereby you feel comfortable and at ease, and that is exactly what new windows and doors can offer.
  • Enhance home security and safety – It is sad that we have to go to extensive measures to protect what is rightfully ours, but unfortunately, this is the day and age that we live in at the moment. With new windows and doors, you can make the most of modern materials and the latest safety features so that you can reduce the chance of any sort of security breach happening on your premises. 
  • Boost the value of your property – As is the case with a new bathroom, you can expect new windows and doors to increase the value of your property as well. The increase is going to depend on the windows and doors you have in place at the moment and the upgrade you will make. 

Are you worried about replacing your windows and doors during the winter?

If the idea of replacing your doors and windows during the cold weather makes you fear how high your heating bill is going to climb, don’t worry! Most contractors are going to replace one door or window at a time, so heat loss will be minimized. Plus, once the doors and windows are installed, you will be able to save a considerable amount of money on your heating bill because you can increase energy performance considerably. 

  1. Upgrade lighting in your home

Last but not least, the third project that we recommend during the winter months is to upgrade the lighting in your property. During the winter months, you are going to rely on your lighting more than you do during the summer months when the sun stays around for much longer. 

This means that attention can be drawn to dim areas of your home or harsh lighting. So, why not make the most of this by changing or upgrading your lighting? 

Make the switch to LED lighting 

An obvious place to start is by making the switch to LED lighting. This is a great way of making your property brighter while also reducing your energy bills in the process. What makes LED lights so effective is that you can achieve the same level of brightness as incandescent bulbs while using much less energy in the process. 

Make a plan when upgrading the lighting in your home

One critical piece of advice that we have for you when it comes to the lighting in your home is to make a plan. Whether you are redecorating a room or starting from scratch, a lighting plan will ensure that you tackle all of the essentials and create a space that really works for you. 

You should think about the sort of activities that are going to take place in every room, for example, working, relaxing, and eating, as well as the architectural boundaries that need to be considered and the key elements of the room that you want to highlight. Think about the output, scale, style, and even color temperature of the lights before you rush off and make any design decisions. Early planning will ensure there are fewer rushed last-minute decisions and headaches. 

When it comes to putting your plant together, you will want to take the layered approach to light. Use different sources of light across various levels to generate ambiance and interest within a room. Utilize lighting so you can make the most of the shape and size of the room. For instance, light clusters make big rooms seem cozier, low-hung pendants create a feeling of height, and uplighting makes a room feel bigger. 

Remember that less can be more

You should always keep the material finishes, color schemes, and theme consistent throughout your property, especially when it comes to lighting. 

If there are too many different styles in a sordid array throughout the property, it can end up being very confusing on the eye, causing uneasiness. 

Lighter, neutral tones are going to open up a space, making it appear bigger. You can add pops of color to create interest via the likes of lampshades. For a more luxurious and cozy feel, consider darker hues. The key here is to keep everything consistent and simple. 

Think about adding lighting to light the way during the night

As you know, during the winter months, we spend a lot of time in darkness, as the nights last for a very long period of time. Midnight bathroom breaks are made worse when you either have to feel across the walls to get to the bathroom or you have to turn on harsh lighting that makes you feel like you have gone blind when you first hit the switch.

This is why one of our favorite winter renovation projects is to make the most of directional floor-level lighting for the bathroom, staircases, and hallways. This will act as a guide while creating subtle warmth at the same time. 

Final words on the three best home renovation projects to take on during the winter

So there you have it: three of the best home renovation projects that you should take on during the winter period! 

Of course, if you do not consider yourself a DIY pro, it always makes sense to team up with a renovations team who can help you to make your winter projects a reality. 

5 Tips for when you’re thinking about home remodeling

It’s that long term task you’ve been considering for a while; the home remodeling project. But where do you begin? Home remodeling might appear like a daunting task, especially as there are so many items to consider during the construction of your renovation. If you’re thinking about having a home remodel, consider these five things to ensure you’re planning your home remodeling in the best possible way.

1.Fix The Fundamentals First

It might be tempting to invest in shiny new upgrades to add value to your home. But if you know that your house has some glaring structural flaws, take the time to get the fundamentals fixed before starting something new. For instance, if you’ve got some out of date electrics, take the time to get them upgraded so they can better support your future new rooms. Likewise with old boilers, poor plumbing or new heating requirements. Making sure your existing structure can support the new parts is the best way to make your home renovation work for you.

2.Work Out What Works (And What Doesn’t)

Look at your existing rooms and consider what works, and what you want to get replaced. Are there any rooms that don’t offer good sources of natural light? Can you repurpose that room as a home office and add a bigger bedroom somewhere else? Focusing on what you currently have before expanding will ensure your remodeling is fit for purpose and still a functioning family home.

3.Consider How It Looks From The Outside

Your anticipated new home interior might seem like a dream, but what will it look like from the pavement? Making sure the construction of your property stays as beautiful on the outside as the inside will be essential if you’re looking to sell in the future. Remember, the first thing people see is the outside, so that should be an essential part of your home remodeling project. Having an end goal of both the interior and exterior will ensure that both views of the house are perfect.

4.Be Realistic With Your Budget

You might be a visionary in terms of what you want your home to look like. But does your budget match your brainstorm? It is better to think smaller with your renovations and instead buy higher quality materials that last longer and enhance the value of your home. Setting out a realistic budget from the outset will ensure that you’re not suddenly out of pocket midway through your new construction.

5.Plan With A Professional

DIY projects can turn into nightmares if you’re not qualified to carry out construction and home remodeling. Reputable companies like Refine Construction Inc can help you turn your remodeling ideas into a reality. We take on board all the intricate details of your plans and ensure everything is incorporated into the final product. Save money in the long run by hiring professionals who will execute your home renovations to your exact requirements.

Give us a call today on (617) 304-1462 or fill out our handy contact form so we can help refine your remodeling dreams and make them a reality today.

7 Things To Look For In A Residential Construction Company

When you are getting ready to build a new home, you start by looking for the very best construction companies you can find to do the job. Residential construction is a big job. You need to ensure that you are dealing with a company that is compliant with government regulations, works efficiently, and gets your home built to the right timeframe. You can’t just bring on board any residential construction company. You need the right one that will ensure that your budget is met, your deadlines are adhered to as strictly as possible, and they won’t cut any corners in their work. In short, you need to find the most professional residential construction company possible.

If you’re a novice when it comes to building your own home, there’s every chance that you won’t know what to look for in a residential construction company. Don’t panic, though. Below, we’ve got a list of seven things that you should look for in a residential construction company.

1. Excellent References

Firstly, you need to do some extensive research. When you’re looking for a residential construction company, you want to choose one that has had excellent references from people they have built for in the past. Testimonials and reviews from past clients are going to help you to shape your opinion over whether a company is trustworthy. If you’re booking a holiday, you check out TripAdvisor and other such websites. Well, you must do the very same when it comes to booking a residential construction company. You should choose a company that can offer you the opportunity to talk to their references. Hearing from their past customers directly is often enough to reassure you that you are making the right choice.

2. Solid Qualifications

Would you hire a roofer who had never studied roofing? Nope. You wouldn’t because it would be dangerous. All builders in a residential construction company should be fully qualified and appropriately insured. You should never pay a company that isn’t compliant, and a builder without the right certifications is not safe to use. You want to verify every single credential before work commences. You should consider the years of experience that the residential construction company has before you choose them to work for you. This is your luxury home of the future – ensuring the right people are working on it is essential!

3. Open & Communicative

As someone choosing to have their home built from scratch, you want to be able to talk to the residential construction company at any time that suits you. So, if you have questions and queries, you should be comfortable enough with your choice to ask them as you need to. Home builders have to be able to communicate well with you, from the conception of the home to the final design. Any changes or issues should be brought up, and if you have any concerns, you should be able to voice those, too.

4. High Quality Results

When you are doing your research, you should look for a construction company that ticks all the boxes. Looking at their finished results portfolio is a must. You have to go beyond your budget and look at the builders that have it all. The affordable residential construction companies may be affordable, but are they any good? Whatever the vision for your home may be, you need to keep that in mind and choose the company that offers you high-quality results.

5. A Professional Demeanor

You may have heard of rogue traders before. Usually, these scammers are the very worst in the industry and are unprofessional and rude. Any residential construction company that you use should be professional and honest in their work. You must find a residential construction company with the same values that you hold. Doing thorough research about the residential construction company in question is vital, as it’s where you’ll learn how professional they are.

6. Excellent Design Skills

You’re building a house, so it stands to reason that you would want a reasonable level of aptitude in design from the residential construction company. Your builder of choice should be able to design what you want for your new house. This is a huge luxury, and you want to get this right down to the plug sockets on the walls and taps on the sink. Work with a residential construction company that respects your vision and is happy to work with you.

7. Reliability

Lastly, you really want a residential construction company that will be there after the build is complete. There are – unfortunately – some builders out there who won’t fix issues with their work if there are any once the build is complete. You want a construction company who stands by the work they do and will answer your queries and support you afterward.

Finding the right residential construction company isn’t always simple, but with the seven tips above, you should find it much easier to manage!


DIY Home repairs you should never try

A latest fad which has come is DIY i.e. do it yourself. People are trying to do everything themselves. Be it a simple hack or a difficult job like home decoration and renovation, everybody is trying to do everything himself. The reason behind this is the popular renovation and repairs shows on television, videos posted on the Youtube and other social media depicting how one can do all repair and renovation jobs and people easily get swayed by DIY craze. In order to save costs, and to satisfy their inner design diva urge a home owner not so qualified also pick up hammer and tools and indulge in repair and renovation jobs.

While some home improvement and renovation projects can be done by amateurs but jobs evolving technical knowhow and experience if done by individual can be a costly affair.Even if ones motto is DIY with a view to reduce cost but jobs are better left to the professionals. Here are areas of home improvement which one should not try himself but leave to the professional to do.

Residential Renovation Contractors

Electrification Work:Number one in the list of non DIY job for home owner is the electrical work. It is dangerous to attempt the repair of electrical fittings or do wiring and installation of other electrical fittings during the renovation time. Any wrong connection can lead to short circuit and thereby causing a major fire in the building. One can handle basic electrical jobs, but major one should be left to the professionals. Electricians spend many years on training in the institutes and in the field also, and that is why the electrician fee is more.

Basement repairs and renovations: Generally home owner consider the repairs and renovations of basement of their house as a simple job as it does not involve any change in the structural framework of house and moreover any wrong doing on their part is not visible to others. For this reason they attempt to take basement repair and renovation job as DIY project. But as per experts view never attempt basement jobs as DIY project. Attempts to dig basement to increase the area can sometimes leads toaccidents and in many cases home owner lost their lives in it. Moreover it is costly to amend the wrong done in DIY jobs and can cause structural failures in future.

Renovation In Boston

Plumbing and sanitation fitting jobs: The next on the list of non DIY job on homeowners list is the repair of plumbing and sanitation fittings in the home. One can attempt opening of chocked plumbing lines or replace worn out faucet washer but for other major jobs which falls in category of repair and renovation category, one has to call a certified plumber to do it just like the electrician job. Self repairing can sometimes damage pipes and cause major leakages, breakage of bathroom sanitaryfittings. As you know how costly are fitting these days and changing cost is enormous. The very purpose of doing this work under DIY is to save cost and it gets defeated if the cost increases.

Structural repairs and renovation: Never attempt the structural repairs in DIY scheme. As the structure is the base on which the whole house stands, and any damage to it while repairing or renovation without knowledge can lead to collapse of the house itself. For structural job, better leave it to the structural engineer who is expert in this field and has lot of technical knowledge and experience in field. Moreover structural job involves use of large number of tools and instruments and one alone is not capable to handle the same alone.

Gas pipeline and fittings repair: Next on the list of non DIY jobs is repair of gas pipeline and installation of gas appliances such as gas furnaces, water heaters, ovens, dryers and other gas fittings. As any wrong or faulty setting can cause leakage and can lead to fire and a serious fatal accident can also take place.Moreover leakage can also increase the presence of carbon monoxide in the house and can cause serious health problems also. Any work involving repair live gasappliances should never to undertaken DIY repairs.

Renovation Services in Boston

More over jobs involving dealing with wood like fine finish carpentry is not everybody’s job. It involves handling lot of tools which have very sharp edges, saws, blades and drills which one cannot handle unless one has mastered the job of handling such instruments. It is best to leave home repairs jobs to the professionals than attempting to do it yourself under as DIY job. This not only saves costs but also saves time as such it is better to leave it at the hands of professionals to do it.

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How to manage self built house in Budget


The big question which comes into the one’s mind when you decide to self built your house is the budget. Often the budget goes out of hand even if you have set aside the right amount for it. There are lot of hidden costs to which one is ignorant. However, when you think your budget is just right, you get to the end of a stage and find out you were off. This is the reason why people hesitate to self built the house or to take up home improvement and renovation projects. But there are few tips that will help one to strictly stick to the budget.

  1. Try to get an accurate costing at your end and leave some margin even if you think that you have overestimated. This will give you a greater contingency that the standard 15-20% you will add on any way while actually taking up the project.


  1. Get an accurate estimate from your surveyor and his expertise in the field of costing acts a benchmark of your future spending on the projects construction cost.
  2. When you are self managing the construction work you run into a risk of paying to subcontractor on hourly rates. You should manage and tidy the site yourself rather than asking subcontractors men to do it.
  3. Always go in for bulk buying. When you bulk buy your construction requirements you are bound to get it on discount. Moreover the chances of wastage in bulk buying also get reduced. Every time you part buy sand , gravel and mud etc you get it in small vehicles and you pay for the cartage every time. Whereas buying a full truck cartage is less and quantity is more.
  4. Before making the decision to buy the construction material or any other material to be used while erecting the house get multiple quotes. Though loyalty to your regular supplier is a nice idea but not a prudent decision. Better go for the rates from other supplier and you may land up on lower rates than quoted for by your loyal supplier. But there should be no the quality of supplies though they may be cheaper.


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  1. You can rope in your family and friends to help with non skilled work such as moving the materials round the site and tidying up jobs. This will not only save cost but also speed up the construction job.
  2. For fine finish carpentry jobs it is better to take the help of the expert than to do it yourself unless you are expert in that job.
  3. Sell off or recycle any surplus justify after construction. Also trade the waste materials from demolition work.
  4. It is better and cheaper sometime to buy and then sell some material used in erection of house. Plants, portacabins and portaloos can be bought before starting construction and then sold after the job is finished.